UtiliterAI is part of Utiliter, which consists of experts in the field of artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning. UtiliterAI solutions automate repetitive tasks using artificial intelligence, improve business processes and decision-making. They are characterized by flexibility without compromising quality.

Our approach is characterized by an individual approach that fits into the business processes of an individual client and open communication that ensures the final success of the solution. In all this, we always keep in mind the strategic level in the development of our solutions.

Get to know us

Who Are We?

We are artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning experts, specialized in hospitality solutions, who help companies to improve their business processes through the use of new technologies.

Our Vision

To deliver incredible value to our customers by leveraging artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning technologies.

Our Mission

To become key factor in the field of artificial intelligence development in hospitality.

About Us

We are a team of AI experts specialized in hospitality, passionate about delivering great products to organizations and helping them achieve their goals.

Our approach

  • Individual approach

It is always important to customize solution to fit into the context of the particular business. Taking individual approach to clients ensures excellent chances of project success.


  • Open communication

Bidirectional communication prevents additional problems from appearing and ensures project success.


  • Problem definition

Exact problems that need to be solved are specified which ensures effective development and no wasted resources.


  • Strategic solution

When developing solutions we always keep strategic level in mind and tailor our solution accordingly.