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Have you ever had your system stop working during rush hour? When that happens, you lose money and get frustrated. With the proper infrastructure and our program, we can guarantee you will be in business 99.99% of the time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

We know that having control of your business in a dynamic nightclub setting can be difficult. With our modules, you are sure to have full control over everything.

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Increase daily revenue in your cafe with our program. Make your guests feel special – every day!

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Do you have mutiple identical or different venues? Are you running a franchise of restaurants or pizzerias? Well, you’re in the right place! Our program supports centralized management and control of every venue under your control. You can analyze and compare data from various venues at once and much more.

Today’s world of restaurant management is turbulent and anything that isn’t intuitive or easy to use simply won’t make the cut. Check out or app and see how intuitive it really is. Our simple concepts will enable you to work in just a few seconds!

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Controlling your delivery staff has never been easier! Keep track of how much time they need to make a certain delivery, analyze the routes they take, where they stop on their way and much more. Maximize your potentials!

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In today’s world of fast food venues, it is imperative that your work is done fast and that you have a stable software solution for managing your business. Moreso, having additional options make a huge difference, as they can speed up your work and by doing so increase your profit.

Apart from venue-specific options, our software has all the other features you need, such as the option of issuing a discount with a bill, warehouse management, personnel records and everything else.

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Our software adapts to your specific situations and the challenges you face every day. Managing a beach bar and its services is quite a challenge for modern businesses. Managing your business can be a breeze – with our software!

You can increase turnover for your beach bar by using a simple mechanism for charging and issuing bills. Warehouse management, merchendise transactions, inventory, personnel records, and other standard options are guaranteed to improve your business.

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If you are looking for a unique system that will unify your hotel business, you are in the right place! Our programs are used in more than two hundred hotels, making work much easier for their users. Your employees can go about their duties while our software handles all the hard stuff. Find out how!

Whether you’re running a hotel, hostel, camp or apartments – we support all of them! We know that each one of them is specific and that is why we have integrated them into our system.

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Our module was designed specifically for all types of fitness and spa centers and it’s stacked with possibilities and options. By tracking your customers in great detail you can bring in more business and increase profit. We have everything you need to successfully manage a fitness center.

Send automatic emails or phone messages to members and inform them about special deals, new group terms, send greeting cards for birthdays and holidays, and much more. Raise above the competition – your old and new members will definitely know how to appreciate it!

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