Revolution in financial transactions in the modern world. Advanced Cashless System not only simplifies day-to-day transactions
but also opens up opportunities for businesses to streamline operations.

Your Own Mobile App

AI & Big Data

Kiosk TopUp

API for developers


POS & Payment integration


Increase your sales based on customers spending habits

Guest Experience

Effortless and hassle-free cashless transactions

User Experience

Boost your sales and reduce your business’s operating cost


All of your guests data is protected and secured

Your Own Mobile App

By using our cashless solution you will get your own personalized mobile application available for your customers to download from Apple AppStore and Goole Play.

Using mobile app your customers will be able to make orders, TopUp their digital wallets, make a reservation, call a waiter and much more depending on what your business offers.

Mobile application can also be used as a digital menu for your customers. Digital menu can also be integrated with your existing POS software and sync all the price changes automatically.

Also, mobile app will give your customers opportunity to track their spending and transactions.

Why Choose Cashless

Up To 30% Increase In Sales

By integrating cashless payment solutions with ultra fast transactions, our clients have experienced remarkable results, including up to a 30% increase in sales. This dynamic shift not only enhances revenue but also offers customers the convenience they crave, setting your business on a path to sustained growth and success.

Up to 13% Increase In Tips

Embracing a cashless payment needs to also a win for our dedicated staff. By going cashless, you can contribute to a potential up to 13% raise in tips for your hardworking team, ensuring that they continue to provide top-notch service with a smile.

Efficiency of a Cashless Solution

No more transaction checking, cash counting, or other delays. With our cashless payments, you’ll save valuable time, leaving you with more moments to attend to other business operations, all while reducing paper waste and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Additional Incentive For Your Staff

Performance-driven incentive program for your exceptional staff. Now, you can enable your staff to earn a percentage of your sales as a bonus, giving them extra motivation to excel in their sales efforts.

Operating 24/7

Our cashless mobile application and kiosks work around the clock, 24/7, without the need for additional staff. This efficiency not only reduces operational costs but also ensures a seamless and convenient experience for your valued customers.

The Digital Hostess

Your new, digital hostess. Always smiling. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Experience the future of ordering at your fingertips! A self-service kiosk is a device where the guest independetly chooses what he wants, receives an invoice and order number, and can also pay by card. Self-service payment devices have a significant impact on reducing queues and increasing customer satisfaction.


Users can also use self-service kiosks to top up their Cashless account balance, view transaction history, and request a refund of unused funds (optional).

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Our Cashless Solution offer numerous benefits, revolutionizing the way we handle transactions. Here’s a brief introduction to some of their key advantages.

Embracing cashless technology in the parking sector

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UTILITER at Adriatic Gastro Show

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The integration of cashless systems in urban environments

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Enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact, promoting sustainability.

Push Notifications

Eeal-time updates and alerts, ensuring seamless and informed transactions.

Full Automation

With full automation you can minimize human intervention for a smoother and more efficient process.


Simplify record-keeping and payment processes, reducing paperwork and enhancing financial management.


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Industry Expertise

With a proven track record in these diverse sectors, our cashless system has consistently demonstrated its adaptability and reliability.

Whether you’re seeking streamlined payments at a luxury resort, enhancing customer experiences at a bustling nightclub, optimizing financial operations in corporate settings, or ensuring seamless transactions at large-scale festivals, our expertise ensures the right solution for your industry.

Hotels & Resorts
Clubs & Bars
Corporate & Facility Management
Festivals & Events

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